2023-2024 Catalog

Professional and Workforce Development

Short Term Certifications – Professional and Workforce Development

Salish Kootenai College offers community and workforce development programs that are designed to meet the training needs of employers and individuals. Courses and programs also offer opportunities to expand workforce skills of current SKC students.

Some educational offerings are provided as Continuing Education Courses through the Lifelong Learning Center as one-time courses or continuing education. Continuing Education courses do not earn college credit. However, Continuing Education credits are recorded on college transcripts.

Some academic programs offer workforce development courses or series of courses. Students can earn college credit which may count toward degree requirements. Students completing the course(s) earn a certification or credential, which is a document stating the student has achieved specified workforce skills and competencies. Approved certifications are included on transcripts of students graduating with college Certificates of Completion or Degrees. However, students who complete only short term certifications will not receive an official degree and will not be eligible to participate in college graduation ceremonies.

Certifications may be based on industry standards and accreditation requirements, or may be designed to prepare students with other workforce skills. Certifications which are eligible for placement on student transcripts are approved by the Curriculum Committee and the Vice President of Academic Affairs.

Students taking workforce development courses are admitted and register through regular college processes.