2023-2024 Catalog

How to read Program and Course Descriptions


ANTH 101 5 cr (FWS) [List …]

Introduction to Anthropology is a survey of physical and cultural anthropology…

Prereq: ENGL101 or instructor consent


Challengeable course

ANTH: This letter code indicates the particular area of study.

101: This number provides two separate pieces of information.

1 _ _ = The general class level

(1 or 2 = lower division)

(3 or 4 = upper division)

_20 = The placement of this class within a sequence of other classes.

5 cr: Refers to academic credit. Academic credit is usually calculated as the number of hours of classroom instruction per week/per quarter.

5 cr = 5 hours per week X 10 weeks = 50 hours

(FWS): Refers to the term the course is offered.

(F)= The course is offered fall quarter

(W)=The course is offered winter quarter

(S)=The course is offered spring quarter

[List…] This letter code indicates the course is included in a General education requirement list (see Section 3, General Education.)

Introduction to Anthropology: The bolded words indicate the title of the course.

Description: A short explanation of the course content.

Prereq: Refers to another course that must be taken before the course.

Coreq: Refers to another course that must be taken at the same time as the course.

Challengeable course: Refers to a course that can be challenged by special examination. A list of challengeable courses is available from the office of the Vice President of Academic Affairs.

Instructor consent: An instructor may disregard a prerequisite if the student provides documented evidence of similar coursework or experience.