2017-2018 Catalog

Certification in Indigenous Research Methods

Program Description

The Certification in Indigenous Research Methods and Methodologies is designed for researchers who wish to conduct research in Indigenous communities. The classes focus on the cultural aspect of Indigenous research methods as they relate to all sciences. Included are current theories of Indigenous research, explorations of the purpose of Indigenous research, both historical and contemporary; roles and responsibilities of an Indigenous researcher; oral and recorded traditions and sources of information; and other important issues that face Indigenous researchers, both now and in future. Students will learn to apply the Indigenous paradigm to their research proposal.

Students who wish to earn the certification do not need to be full-time SKC students. Students may take the courses as credit-bearing classes that may count toward electives in their academic major. Students may also take the courses as Continuing Education courses. All courses are online and taken through the SKC online learning platform, Moodle.

Learning Outcomes

After completing the Certification, learners will be able to:

  • Apply Indigenous research methods to gather data in tribal communities.
  • Practice ethical theories to reduce methodological discrimination.
  • Improve relevance in policy and practice within Indigenous contexts.
  • Enhance skills in critical reflection, including self-awareness and art-based research in relation to research with Indigenous groups.
  • Apply the unique components of protection of human subjects and communities in indigenous research.
  • Use indigenous research methods to write a research proposal relevant to the student’s professional or academic interest.


Required Courses

NASD402Indigenous Research Methodologies and Methods


NASD411Implementing the Indigenous Paradigm in the Research Proposal


NASD412Protection of Human Subjects in Indigenous Research




Choose from one of the following.

NASD210Introduction to Indigenous Science


NASD401Art-Based Research