2017-2018 Catalog

Degrees and Certificates Offered at Salish Kootenai College

Workforce Certification Certificate of Completion Associate Degree Bachelor Degree
Administrative Assistant  
Business Management AA
Business Administration BA
Chemical Dependency Counseling AA
Dental Assisting Technology CC
Early Childhood Education AA BS
Early Childhood Education P:3 AA BS
Elementary Education AS BS
Emergency Medical Technician WC
Engineering      AS   
Emergency Services CC
Fine Arts AA
Forestry- Forest Management AS BS
Forestry- Wildland Fire Management     AS BS
General Science AS
Geospatial Science (GIS) WC
Grant Projects Management  WC CC  AA   
Health Promotion Practices     AA   
Highway Construction Training CC
Hydrology AS BS
Indigenous Research Methods WC
Information Technology AS BS
Liberal Arts AA
Life Sciences BS
Mathematical Science AS
Media Design AA
Medical Assisting AAS
Medical Office Clerk CC
Nursing AS BS
Office Assistant CC
National Parks Service ProRanger Career Track Option WC
Psychology AA BA
Secondary Education – Mathematics
Secondary Education – Science BS
Social Work        BSW
Tribal Governance and Administration AA BA
Tribal Historic Preservation AA BA
Wildlife and Fisheries AS BS